Additional Ways to Volunteer

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Join the Cycle of Care

Volunteer Center

The Affinity Support Group

The Affinity Group is a long-standing example of the Volunteer Center’s committed volunteer force, and of the reciprocal power of volunteerism to benefit both those providing care and those receiving it. Established in 2005 to support the Volunteer Center’s Operation Teddy Bear program, the Affinity Group is a set of dedicated community participants who have a significant impact on underserved children and their families.

Affinity Group members meet six times a year, pay annual dues, participate in special events, and have the first chance to volunteer for Operation Teddy Bear – a popular program among our volunteer base.


Volunteer Roles

We have various open volunteer roles at the Volunteer Center on a rolling basis – something for every skill set. To assist with individual programs, serve on a committee, or participate in focus groups designed to understand our community better, please reach out.


Partner Volunteer Organizations

Throughout our history, the Volunteer Center has collaborated with a network of local and national volunteer organizations in order to have the greatest possible impact. We encourage potential volunteers to consider opportunities captured in these searchable databases.

Points of Light Engage | Just Serve | Volunteer Match

Local Volunteer Opportunities

At home in the South Bay, Harbor, and Long Beach areas, a number of our local peer organizations need committed volunteers. Many allow the participation of children and teenagers, for formative experiences that open young minds.

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