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Become a sponsor

Become an Operation Teddy Bear Sponsor

Corporations and other organizations often look for ways to support the community. The Volunteer Center is proud to offer an opportunity for you to support our Operation Teddy Bear® (OTB) program for elementary school students.

Each year, we work with the community, sponsors and the school districts to pick the most underserved schools to benefit from this program. Operation Teddy Bear® will again support approximately 50 schools this year. The average school has about four classrooms and 120 students. Each school is an opportunity to create a partnership with the classroom, school and community. Your team will have a fantastic time building a spirit of camaraderie while creating one of the best days in many of these children's lives.

Operation Teddy Bear Sponsor - Starts at $5,000

As an Operation Teddy Bear® Sponsor, you will have first choice of which of school you would like to partner with to deliver schoolbags. Once you pick your school(s) and remain an active annual sponsor, that school will be "yours" as long as it is part of the OTB.

Sponsorship includes:

  • An opportunity for a group of your employees to participate in a team-building packing event (you are encouraged to wear team t-shirts, bring a team banner and otherwise show your team spirit at the packing event)
  • Delivering the bags to a school
  • Reading to the children and giving them the bags
  • Following up with the school for other opportunities throughout the year

For your $5,000 donation, teams will be acknowledged in several ways:

  • Your logo will be included an appreciation card in the schoolbag
  • You will receive an official thank you letter from our President/CEO recognizing your donation
  • Your team will be acknowledged on our website, in a Facebook post and in our monthly eNewsletter 
  • Your team members will receive thank you notes from OTB children
  • Your pictures and videos may be added to our website

You can also arrange the following:

  • A special check presentation at your business or our board meeting with a Volunteer Center staff or board member
  • Inclusion of your logos on donated items, so that the families know of your generosity

For more information, contact Melissa McCormick, Director of Volunteer Services, at mmccormick.volcenter@gmail.com or (310) 212-5009.