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Team 100 Feeding Disadvantaged Long Beach Students on Weekends through the Volunteer Center's Food For Kids Program

What we do and why we do it

Team 100 Founders

Team 100 Founders

Title One schools supply breakfast and lunch on school days… but who provides for them during the weekends?
No one! Until now.

The Volunteer Center’s Team 100 members deliver non-perishable food to Title One elementary school children in LBUSD. The food is to be consumed over the weekend by these disadvantaged families. Every Friday, we deliver food to hungry elementary school students. Each bag is filled with ten items of non-perishable food, for example: pasta, tuna, oatmeal, soup, applesauce, rice, beans, canned beef, peas and cereals. This provides food for the family for the weekend. Your membership will allow us to feed more students. The goal is to expand the program to help many more families.

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Christopher J. Steinhauser, Superintendent of Schools in Long Beach, wrote in part:
“I write in strong support of Team 100, a group of 100 local men who want to make a difference in the lives of some of Long Beach’s neediest students. In particular, I encourage your generous support of T100’s Food for Kids program, now in its third year here in the Long Beach Unified School District….I can think of no other cause that is more deserving of your support than one that provides the basic necessity of nourishment to some of our most disadvantaged children and their families.”

To read his wonderful letter, click here.

To see a video about how Team 100 and Food For Kids are making a real impact in our community, please click the image below.

Long Beach Register April 28 2014 Webster Elementary School thanks Team 100 program for generous food donations

Long Beach Register April 28 2014 Webster Elementary School thanks Team 100 program for generous food donations

Blue Martini Ball

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Team 100’s Blue Martini Ball was a rousing success again in 2014. We will soon put together a page of pictures. To see pictures of the 2013 event, click here and for pictures of the 2012 event, click here. Email Pat McBride at for more information.


Team 100 has elected officers and have great plans, which will be announced soon, to support the Volunteer Center’s Food For Kids program.

Tim McBride
Vice President
Tom Bennett
Ken Miller
Jason Virden
Paul Smith
Pat McBride

To join, please call the Team 100 Membership Chair, Pat McBride at 949-279-0436 or email him at

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Hungry Students in Long Beach

Hungry Students in Long Beach