Court Referral Community Service

Court Referral

Court Referral Community Service is an alternative sentencing option that allows misdemeanants the opportunity to contribute service to the South Bay, Harbor, Long Beach, West Los Angeles, Bellflower, and Inglewood areas in lieu of a fine and/or jail sentence.

To register you must come to one of our offices. Please click here to find an office location near you. Any questions, please call one of the offices near you or email us at

What is Community Service?
Community Service is a cooperative effort of the Volunteer Centers, various public and private nonprofit organizations, the Los Angeles Superior Court Districts, and the Los Angeles County Probation Department.

How does the program work?
Court Referral volunteers are referred by Superior Court Judges, Probation Officers and/or District Attorneys to the Volunteer Center.  The number of hours to be served is at the sole discretion of the referring entities.

Court Referrals are interviewed and are matched with the needs of public and private nonprofit agencies. Court Referrals are further matched with service opportunities based on their availability, where they reside, and their offense. This service helps to alleviate overcrowding in jails and courtrooms. It also allows clients to serve without interrupting the positive influences in their lives, such as employment, education and family life. Volunteers are offered a choice of referrals according to their needs. 

The needs of the public and private nonprofit organizations are also taken into consideration. Organizations participating in the program integrate the court referral volunteers with their regular volunteers, allowing them the same opportunities and considerations.  Organizations are responsible for providing supervision and record keeping.

How does the community benefit?

  • Community Service provides needed services to private and public organizations.
  • Community Service saves taxpayers money, since it is less expensive than other forms of sentencing.
  • Community Service helps to alleviate overcrowding in jails and courtrooms.
  • How do the Court Referrals benefit?
    Community Service gives individuals a sense of contribution. This allows volunteers to serve without interrupting the positive influences in life such as employment, education and family life. Many choose to continue their service to the community after completing their hours.

    For more information about the Volunteer Center Court Referral and Community Service Program, please visit us.